Introduction: The New Girl

20120528-001 Hello to you whoever tripped into my little white blog!

I am coloring at wordpress (dot com). I am hoping that you ask why. But whatever floats your boat, I will tell you just the same.

Unfortunately, I am a frustrated artist looking for my medium. I have tried photography. But my current job only killed my love for that art. So I tried learning other crafts just to find my happy colorful place again. After dipping my hands in sewing, crochet and even creating things out of clay, I stumbled upon watercolor. And now the next logical thing for me to do is create a blog that will document hopefully my undying loving relationship with watercolor. And nope, this would not be another project 52 that I will never finish. This would be more of a Project: I have Paper, huzzah! (Isn’t it obvious that I have not thought about the title?) And this is my first entry. TA-DAH!


If I were a half rabbit, half girl and living in a cartoon world, this would be me.

Not only will I pinky swear that this will not be my last blog entry. I promise to spread the love for drawing, doodle and colors!

Let us all plant trees to save oxygen and paper,

  1. mots said:

    bukod sa artwork, ang astig nung shot :))) kilala mo si valerie chua?

    • Salamat mots 🙂 natuwa naman ako at napadpad ka dito! 😀 At binabasa ko rin ang blog ni valerie chua. parehas kayong magaling!

  2. i love your composition. and i love that you love watercolor as well! hey im a big fan! I think this piece will also do good using acrylics…im not a big user but my biggest critic tells me it would be great for me to learn as well. keep it up hope ill see more of your work!

  3. patsy said:

    Hi Elaine, a curious little painting! You have a wild imagination! Patsy from HeARTworks

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