red haired girl
This is a drawing I made earlier this week. Is it obvious that I want to color my hair any other color other than black? I blame Hayley Williams for rocking red hair.
red haired girl



Yumi, the bunny girl, celebrates independence day quite differently. I an quite sure that she has no clear idea of independence.

Mother declares it siesta time until 4 pm for children 3 up to 10 years old.
20120612 part 1
But, Yumi disagrees. 3 pm is a bad time for siesta. 3 pm is for play time!

20120612 part 2
Yumi had a brilliant idea. She thought that since it is independence day, she has the right to sneak out. Why, you ask? Because today, she is outside the control of her mother’s rules!

20120612 part 3
Too bad, every mother has declared siesta until 4 pm. Everybody is still sleeping. Boo!

Let us just say that this story has no point. 🙂

Happy Independence Day everyone!